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A shapeshifting genre-bending collective of diverse vocalists, poets, collaborators and producers....


Webster unleashes a different kind of brew.  A shapeshifting, genre-bending collective of diverse vocalists, collaborators and producers.  


A recent BBC Introducing featured artist, making records.  Lots of them.  With many, many fine people.  The good and the great, to create often timeless, occasionally innovative, yet always, melodic and evocative music.


Musician, tunesmith, lyricist and producer, Webster, the humble figurehead of the collective, lures in collaborators allowing the sound of each song to take it's own path. Spiralled with influences from the vocalists, musicians and producers involved, different musical worlds collide.  


Webster calls in a melting-pot of creatives and cool cats, often recording without time constraints in a purpose built studio - literally, a hidden sanctuary of sound, located on the London/Surrey border.  


Having emerged in late 2018 with a debut, Webster served up a spoonful of bohemian soul with a dash of dub and rootsy delights for the single, ‘Tell Me Something’ (feat. Kim Jobson & Marvin Wilson) - co-produced by the revered Alex McGowan


‘Tell Me Something’ definitely suggested the catchy, eccentric and genre-bending intentions and was played-out on BBC Introducing and as a Featured Artist on ‘The Big Take Over’ show on BBC South.


‘The Dust Burnt Red’ (feat. Chezelle), released on 14th December 2018, also rises out of Wagging Tongues Records.  Webster and vocalist, Chezelle were invited to premiere the single on BoogalooRadio.com - in an unfiltered 2 hour live show, with host, Mickey Beans (composer & longterm keyboardist for British band, La Roux.


A sequence of single releases are scheduled through 2019 - including, 'Open Your Mind (feat. ShyAHH) - a hypnotic analogue/indie meets electronica shakeup - released on May 10th, 2019 and Jack’, a song inspired by the remarkable and true tale of a lost, then found Union flag.  A story of courage and kindness from D-Day to VE Day. 'Jack’ is released on 6th June 2019, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings - one of the most history defining events of our modern age.